Osprey Advisory


Introducing: Osprey Business Advisory Services (OBA)

Osprey Business Advisory Services OBA is your best choice for growth and profitability advisors who have been where you are and have helped many grow substantially. Our business growth services include strategic management consulting. Also, creating a plan where you need one, and identifying fast tracks to growth you may not see.

Strategic Management Consulting

After years of tax preparation and working with hundreds of businesses like yours, our team has become experts at understanding the subtle factors driving profitability. We can create a financial roadmap toward profitability using the financial data from your financial statements, tax returns, and our experience as entrepreneurs. What CEO and CFO doesn’t want a fresh look at their roadmap or a new one altogether? That’s what we do.

The Power of Time

One of the counterintuitive factors in profitability is understanding the power of time. While we all have survived by learning from our mistakes, thriving usually requires learning from someone else’s mistakes. This is where business growth advising comes into play. Unfortunately, time wasted learning without professional advice is time you can never get back and may be the difference between your business surviving or closing its doors. It might be time for a fresh perspective. No more working 7 days a week. (No, that’s not normal or required of business owners to grow a high-performing organization.)

Bryan Lichau, Owner of Osprey Advisory Services

Our owner Bryan Lichau says, “the key to profitability is efficiency.” Every business has an opportunity for increased efficiencies which almost always leads to more dollars going to your bottom line. After years of helping both corporations and individuals with every tax scenario imaginable, Bryan feels his gifts and knowledge will be maximized in business planning and efficiency opportunity planning. Why efficiency?

A Smooth Sailing Ship

Efficiencies give you back your time – to spend doing the things you enjoy. Rough waters are not a disaster for a ship that is ready to endure the challenge. Let our team help take your business from pretty good and working to hyper-efficient, by finding and exploiting some of the areas in your business that aren’t as efficient and profitable as possible. Making sure the right person is performing the right tasks in an efficient manner helps to maximize the business’ profitability and growth.

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