Giving Back to the Community


Giving Back to Gig Harbor

Giving Back on the Basketball Court

Bryan and his family make Gig Harbor their home. Consequently, his sons are taller than he and play basketball. Bryan, a lover of the game, has stayed involved with his passion by helping his sons’ basketball teams. He helps them grow their skill and agility through practice. ‘Osprey’ is a tip of the hat to his 7 years coaching basketball at Peninsula High School, home to the Seahawks. He enjoys basketball and even more the opportunity to mentor and coach young talent. Bryan believes that basketball is a tool to teach character and he enjoys giving back to his community in this way.

While I made my living as a coach, I have lived my life to be a mentor-and to be mentored-constantly. Everything in the world has been passed down. Every piece of knowledge is something that has been shared by someone else. If you understand it as I do, mentoring becomes your true legacy. It is the greatest inheritance you can give to others. It is why you get up every day — to teach and be taught.

— John Wooden