Olympia, our state capital

We service business clients from Seattle to Olympia – Olympia is our state’s capital and a great place to visit and do business.

This great city has grown almost 15% in just over ten years! If you are looking for rental properties and income, this may be the place to look next! Located 60 miles south of Seattle and 20 miles south of Tacoma, Olympia is a burgeoning city for businesses of all sizes. The State of Washington is the city’s top employer employing over 20,000 people. Additionally, other top employers in this city include Providence St. Peter Hospital, tribal governments, and other United States Government Offices.

Whether someone wishes to start a new business, grow an existing one or work remotely, this location is a profitable choice. Osprey Accounting Services is the first-choice provider for those who wish to invest in Real Estate Rental Properties. And in addition, to keep an eye on tax savings opportunities at the same time.

When You Aren’t Working

For those who love outdoor activities, Olympia is a dream come true. Woodard Bay is a 600-acre parcel that fronts over 5 miles of oceanfront! Golf courses, wineries, restaurants, and activities for kids abound here. Key industries are industrial supplies, machinery, and plastics. Employment is also provided by firms producing items such as processed foods, wood products, and metal and paper containers. Agriculture, livestock, poultry, and timber contribute to the economy. These are many of the reasons Osprey Accounting Services has chosen to serve the people of this great city.

Osprey Advisory has decades of success in Business Consulting and Business Growth Strategies. Furthermore, we service Seattle, Olympia, Lacey, Tacoma and Lakewood and are quickly expanding.

If the need Strategic Business Consulting is in your future, please give us a call. We offer online and in-person consultation opportunities.

Options for Paying Yourself

Options for Paying Yourself

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